We proactively and naturally enhance the health and longevity of dogs, cats, and horses worldwide by providing pet parents with the world’s highest-quality, safe, and truly natural pet products.

We prioritize the health of your furry friends and uphold our commitment to environmental conservation, minimizing our ecological foot & pawprint.

Through our YouTube and Social Media channels, we raise awareness on important pet wellness topics and empower pet parents to proactively help their pets live longer and healthier lives. 

We are Charly, Larry, & Milka! 

We founded PAWDEGA because we were frustrated with the lack of ethics and transparency in the pet industry and the toxins that are commonly found in pet products (even the so-called “natural” ones). Our goal was to create a safe haven for pet parents to shop truly safe and non-toxic pet products!

We’re an American-German couple and founded PAWDEGA in 2020 in Dubai while living abroad. In 2024 we’ve expanded and opened our second location in the USA.



    We prioritize quality and safety in every aspect of every product that we carry.

    Every single product goes through a vigorous vetting process to become PAWDEGA-approved, so you can be sure that everything we offer is safe for your pet to consume, lick, smell, touch, and be exposed to.

    We read beyond the labels to ensure that everything we offer is free from synthetic ingredients, fillers, and other health-depriving ingredients!

  • Integrity

    At PAWDEGA, integrity isn't just a value; it's EVERYTHING!

    Profit often tempts companies to stray from ethical paths, but at PAWDEGA, we will NEVER compromise our integrity! As we grow, we stand firm in our commitment to keeping your pet safe and protected.

    We refuse to compromise on our principles, knowing that our dedication to integrity paves the way for a healthier, safer planet for our beloved pets.

  • Education & Research

    In a world saturated with misinformation, we're on a mission to cut through the noise, delivering only well-researched products and content.

    Many pet stores lack the knowledge and time to accurately determine whether pet product ingredients are safe. At PAWDEGA, we continue to invest a lot of time and resources into our pet health education, ensuring that every recommendation and product we offer is safe, effective, and natural!


Our obsession with natural pet wellness started back in 2017 when our puppy Milka was suffering from chronic stomach upsets, vomiting, hot spots, and skin rashes.

After many expensive vet visits and switching between many different 'premium' dry food brands, our veterinarian could not figure out how to help Milka, so we finally decided to transition her to a raw food diet.

What happened next was absolutely life-changing, not only for Milka but for ourselves as well!

Her health issues went away almost overnight; she stopped vomiting, she had more energy, better fur, and no more sensitive stomach! 

We were incredibly happy, but at the same time, we were confused and frustrated about the fact that our veterinarian had specifically told us NOT to switch to a raw diet. We felt misled and betrayed by the pet industry and the conventional approach to pet health.

From that day onward, we devoted our lives to research and learning about natural pet wellness lifestyles, pet nutrition, supplementation, natural flea & tick protection, detox, and environmental factors that impact our pets.


While attending pet health conferences and events all over the world, we learned directly from some of the most accomplished experts in the natural pet health industry. Traveling to the United States, Canada, and Europe, we got to interview world-renowned holistic and integrative veterinarians, scientists, researchers, manufacturers, and pet health experts. 

We started sharing everything we learned through social media and YouTube and have inspired pet parents worldwide to learn more about proactive & natural pet health.


The idea behind PAWDEGA emerged from the passion and purpose to create a safe haven for pet parents to shop truly safe and non-toxic pet products! Our goal was to create a pet store where pet parents do NOT have to worry about toxic ingredients, knowing that every product helps to enhance the health and longevity of their furry best friend.

We spent hundreds of hours researching ingredients, turning down many so-called "natural" brands because they simply were not what they claimed to be. It took us over one year to be ready to launch PAWDEGA, and even a pandemic couldn't stop our passion and determination to open the first exclusively holistic and natural pet health store in the Middle East!

In 2024 we expanded and launched PAWDEGA USA due to popular demand and our growing USA audience that was looking for a one-stop-shop for their favorite holistic pet brands.

We always knew that PAWDEGA would be different than anything else we have ever seen before, but looking at how far we’ve come now, the amount of gratitude cannot be put into words.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years!



1. Ingredients

The ingredient list is the first thing we investigate whenever we decide if a new pet wellness product can become PAWDEGA-approved. 

EVERY. SINGLE. INGREDIENT. of every single product is thoroughly investigated. We spend multiple hours, sometimes even days, researching every single ingredient to make sure each ingredient is truly safe for our pets.

If there is anything on the ingredient list that we don't like or don't consider as safe, we immediately decline that product and we will not stock it at PAWDEGA.

Our extensive ingredient ban list includes ingredients that are often found in so called ‘natural’ and even ‘organic’ products. We call BS and move on!

2. Quality & Sourcing

In the next phase of our meticulous vetting process, we investigate the quality of the ingredients and how they are being sourced. 

Transparency is non-negotiable for us. We demand open communication and cooperation from brands, asking them lots of questions until we've got all the answers we need. Some might say we're over the top, but it's because we're passionate about ensuring that every product we offer aligns perfectly with our values.

What we've found is that most pet brands are pleasantly surprised by our level of dedication. They appreciate being represented by a retailer who truly cares about the integrity of every ingredient. After all, pet parents deserve to know exactly what goes into—and onto—their beloved pets.

At PAWDEGA, we're committed to sustainability and ethical practices. We prioritize products that contain ingredients that are sourced with the well-being of animals and the environment in mind.

3. Reviews & Feedback

At PAWDEGA, we believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of our furry companions.

That's why we often consult with our network of esteemed veterinarians and pet health professionals, seeking their expert opinions and firsthand experiences on certain products. Their insights provide invaluable guidance, allowing us to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the brands we endorse.

But we don't stop there. We also check for customer testimonials to learn about experiences. We pay special attention to any complaints or reports of adverse reactions because your trust and your pet's health are paramount to us.

When it comes to your pet's health, we believe there's no such thing as being too cautious. 

That's why we go above and beyond, ensuring that every product we carry meets the highest standards of safety and quality.