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Help your pet feel better in an emergency or injury! 'Your Go 2' is a first-response homeopathic combination that helps reduce pain, swelling, shock, diarrhea, stress, trauma, fever, vomiting, inflammation, and more. It’s a MUST-HAVE for every pet parent!

  • Must-Have For Emergency Situations
  • 30ml Combination Homeopathic Remedy
  • Clinically Tested for Over a Decade With Incredible Results

Zero Synthetics, Zero Fillers, Zero Additives!

Active Ingredients: Homeopathic formulation of Arnica Montana 30C and Aconite 30C 

Inactive Ingredients: Organic Ethanol 15%, Purified Water, Vegetable Non-GMO Glycerin

How to Use

Follow the feeding instructions & recommended dosages on the product label.

One dose = 2 pumps 
Give one dose directly in the mouth at the first sign of any of the stated situations (trauma, injury, shock, fever, GI upset, or inflammation).

Give one dose each half-hour thereafter for 2 more doses then every 2 hours for 2 more doses. If your animal has steady improvement, one dose can be given 3 times per day for 1-3 days if needed.

If at any time your animal is not improving or is getting worse, seek veterinarian advice.

Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

Store Your Go 2 away from direct light, heat, and any electronic devices.

When introducing a new product to your pet, you may want to start with 1/2 the recommended daily feeding dose for the first week. Then, increase to the full recommended dosage in the second week.

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Your Go 2 - 30ml bottle by Adored Beast Homeopathic Preparation
Your Go 2 30ml Adored Beast Homeopathic Preparation Ingredients
Your Go 2 30ml Adored Beast Homeopathic Preparation Feeding Instructions
  • "My pup got a bee sting in the pads of her paw and kept licking it and showing me her paw; Within a few minutes after giving her a dose of Your Go 2 she stopped licking and is now sleeping without pain." 


  • “From ballistic to calm! it seems to make a world of difference in him, giving him a sense of calm.”

    – Holly S.

  • "This product has helped my little JRT when we have weather - it doesn't take away her trembling or fear, but it definitely has helped her recover more quickly. it used to take hours after a storm before she would be her happy self, now it's more like minutes once the weather has passed."

    - Sharon


Who is Your Go 2 for?

Your Go 2 is a first response homeopathic combination to address pain, shock, trauma, fever, disease, inflammation, and more at the initial onset. It is beneficial for any cat or dog.


We prioritize the safety of your pet!

We read beyond marketing labels and thoroughly investigate EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT of EVERY product stocked at PAWDEGA.

Shop worry-free, knowing that every PAWDEGA Approved product is truly safe for your pet to consume, lick, touch, and be exposed to.

We've done all the research for you, so you can shop truly natural pet wellness products and enjoy more time with your pet!

Veterinarian Recommended
Zero Synthetics
Zero Fillers

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Reason for purchase: It is for my dogs' carsickness and it was recommended by a friend
How this product helped:: 1st time he used the products, he only vomited once (he used to vomit 4-5 times per way), the 2nd time he used it, no more vomit at all.
PAWDEGA Experience : Carmen was very helpful recommending the best products for my dogs carsickness and guided me on how to use it too!
Worked wonders for my dogs' car sickness

My dog has a very bad carsickness that can't & won't seem to go away until I stumbled upon Pawdega and the wonders of the natural products that they offer.

Thank you so much for sharing! It's amazing that after the first use you noticed huge improvements and that your dog didn’t vomit at all after the second use. It makes us so happy to hear that your dog can can now enjoy car rides without experiencing car sickness. We wish your dog continued health and wellness!

Reason for purchase: Car sickness
How this product helped:: No more vomiting
PAWDEGA Experience : Super helpful and responsive
Car sickness & Car stres

So thankful for finally finding products to help Ameera with her car sickness situation. I was very desperate trying anything to help her case and I honestly tried everything to prevent her from puking her guts out with each car ride. Today was the first time trying the Batch remedy as well as the Your go 2 products and I'm still shocked on how good they worked! Zero vomit on both going and coming back car rides! A big thank you to Carmen for the helpful advice❤️❤️

Thank you so much for sharing! It makes us SO happy to hear that Ameera is now able to travel in the car without vomiting since using our holistic pet products. We wish your dogs continued health and wellness, and we are really glad to be part of their natural wellness journey!

Reason for purchase: Ive been using adored Beast products for the past three years and very happy with it.
PAWDEGA Experience : Both are very informative and helpful
Love Adored Beast products

Ive been using adored Beast products for the past three years and very happy with it. I like to keep Your Go 2 in my emergency kit just in case

Thank you so much for sharing this. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our holistic pet products. We wish your pets continued health and wellness!


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