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Naturally help enhance your dog’s cognitive health and help your dog age gracefully with this powerful blend combining some of the most researched medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens: Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps, with Bacopa Monnieri and Ashwagandha. This tincture provides bioavailable, effective, and 100% natural ingredients that provide premium support for cognitive disorders, nervous system, mental and emotional health.

  • Veterinarian-Approved & Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Triple-extracted, Full-spectrum, quickly bioavailable, more effective than powdered mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms are grown in their natural habitat, in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. NOT grown in a lab.
  • 2 fl bottle

Zero Synthetics, Zero Fillers, Zero Additives!

Active Ingredients: A proprietary water extract of Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps, with Bacopa Monnieri and Ashwagandha

Other Ingredients: Distilled Water & Organic Glycerin

There are (at least) 350mg of mushroom extract in 1mL.

How to Use

Follow the feeding instructions & recommended dosages on the product label.


Preventative care: 1 dropper daily

For senior dogs: 2 droppers daily

There are (at least) 350mg of mushroom extract per 1mL.

Note: Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dark place.


You can give the recommended daily dose directly into your pet’s mouth or mix it into their meals.

When introducing a new product to your pet, you may want to start with 1/2 the recommended daily feeding dose for the first week. Then, increase to the full recommended dosage in the second week.

Bark at us if you need help.


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Clarity Mushrooms by Mycodog - front of bottle - displaying that it is for CCD, Nervous system, mental and emotional support
Clarity bottle in nature displaying health benefits
Ingredients of Clarity Mushrooms
Review for Claity Mushrooms
CLARITY - Mushrooms for Brain & Nervous System Support
CLARITY - Mushrooms for Brain & Nervous System Support
  • “CLARITY has helped with both of our dogs who have cognitive issues. We have had some doggy dementia and also 1 dog with neurological issues. Clarity has helped soothe their circling and neuro issues especially with sundowning and in the evening with their unexplainable - non pain associated crying.”

    - Allison C.

  • “CLARITY has made such a difference! ​​I admit to being skeptical at first... But what a change it has made. Since Introducing Clarity into my senior dog's daily routine, she has demonstrated significant cognitive improvement. At age 12, her demeanor has evolved from "aging and lethargic" to "alert and energetic." The PROOF IS IN MY DOG!”

    - Aj J.

  • “Our soon to be 13 Siberian husky has exhibited dementia symptoms in the past year. It was breaking our hearts to watch him wander aimlessly and endlessly. I've been giving Clarity formula to him for about a week now. I swear I'm seeing more alertness in his eyes and more interest in what's going on around him. I'm already very encouraged.”

    - Karen C.


Who is this product for?

CLARITY is a beneficial addition to any dog’s proactive wellness routine to help maintain health, help enhance cognitive health, support mental well-being, and support healthy aging proactively. For a proactive approach to pet wellness, we recommend rotating between the different medicinal mushroom tinctures Chaga, Turkey Tail, Vitality, Clarity, and Breathe.

CLARITY is especially recommended to help support senior dogs and dogs dealing with cognitive decline, nervous system issues, mental disorders, and more.

Why is it a tincture instead of a powder?

Liquid mushrooms are more bioavailable and contain many more beneficial compounds compared to powdered mushrooms.

For a mushroom’s medicinal values to be activated and bioavailable, they need to be extracted. Liquid extracts are able to hold and preserve the many bioactive compounds that are released during extraction

Liquid extractions are also easier to absorb than powder, as the body doesn’t need to digest anything, and therefore, the medicinal properties of the mushroom can be absorbed right into the body.

MycoDog mushrooms are meticulously extracted through a unique triple-extraction process. This includes a primary ethanol extraction using Organic Cane Alcohol (no alcohol is present in the final product), followed by a hydro extraction with distilled water, before finally carefully extracting the fungi’s mineral salts, which we imbibe into the tincture. The result? A powerful mushroom tincture, known as a Spagyric Tincture.

There are (at least) 350mg of mushroom extract in 1mL.

Are there studies to support the benefits?

Yes. Researchers have been looking very closely at medicinal mushrooms and the long list of benefits they offer. Dive into the research below.

Lion’s Mane Research:

Lion's Mane mushrooms are renowned for their capacity to regenerate brain cells, enhance neural pathways, and boost cognitive function and memory.

Reishi Mushrooms Research:

Reishi possesses rejuvenating attributes that aid immune system functionality, fortifying your dog's natural defenses against ailments and diseases. It offers medicinal benefits in regulating blood sugar and blood pressure while also supporting the liver and kidneys. It supports a healthy histamine response and healthy cardiovascular system function.

Cordyceps Research:

Cordyceps mushroom, known for its energy-enhancing qualities, heightens oxygen uptake and utilization, promoting improved stamina and endurance in pets.

Cordyceps is recognized for its support in maintaining optimal lung function and enhancing oxygen utilization, making it a valuable addition to promoting respiratory wellness in dogs. 

Bacopa Monnieri research:

Bacopa Monnieri exhibits anxiolytic properties, easing stress and anxiety in pets while also contributing to cognitive enhancement and memory improvement.

Ashwagandha Research:

Ashwagandha, classified as an adaptogen, regulates metabolism and supports the endocrine, nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. It aids in stress and anxiety reduction while fostering general health and vitality.

Where are the mushrooms sourced?

MycoDog tinctures are thoughtfully formulated from mushrooms that are grown outside, naturally in the woods of the Pacific Northwest in the USA.

Mushrooms are bioaccumulators, which means they absorb toxins from polluted air and earth. Although China is known for its mushroom cultivation methods, it is one of the most polluted countries in the world.

The mushrooms used in the MycoDog tinctures are growing in their natural environment in the United States Pacific Northwest region and are not exposed to these pollutants and toxins, which is an important factor to consider when choosing mushrooms for dogs.

It is important to source mushrooms from an area that is least likely to be impacted by environmental toxins that might be absorbed by the mushrooms.

Did you know mushrooms can be grown on things like grain and rice? It’s a cheap and quick way to mass produce. The problem is, well, you are what you eat. So mushrooms that are grown on grains take in the nutrients from those grains, which are severely lacking in the health benefits your dog needs. If the mushroom is grown on a tree, in the wild (where they naturally grow), it’s able to absorb all of the important vitamins and nutrients your dog needs to thrive.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but there are actually mushrooms growing, wild-harvested, extracted, and packaged in the United States (such as our MycoDog mushrooms)! If you do a little research, you’ll see that the Pacific Northwest is a mushroom heaven that’s been supplying us with naturally grown mushrooms for over 2,400 years.

Is the mushroom from mycelium or the fruiting body?

The mushrooms offered by PAWDEGA contain the fruiting body. We do not offer products containing mycelium for a very good reason.

The only way to get mycelium is if companies grow the mushrooms in a bag, inside rice, oats, etc.

When mushrooms grow in a bag, taking the stuff the mushrooms grow in (like rice or oats) out of the bag is almost impossible. Most mycelium products on the market come from mushrooms grown in industrial bags, not from logs (wooden material).

The mushroom products offered by PAWDEGA are all grown IN Nature. In the forest, as Nature intended.

When mushrooms are grown in nature, you cannot just dig out a log and pull out the mycelium. The roots weave all into the log, and you just couldn’t do that.

When mycelium is taken out of mushrooms grown in bags, the polyphenols (beneficial compounds) don't come from the mushrooms themselves but from the stuff they grow in (oats or rice).

We believe in the old, traditional wisdom of using mushrooms, which is supported by elders who use medicinal mushrooms therapeutically. This means using the fruiting bodies.

Mycelium is a newer science, and until we're sure pet parents are only getting mushrooms and no substrates, we stick to the traditional way of only offering mushrooms from fruiting bodies.

How Long Do I Need To Feed This?

For healthy pets:

For healthy pets, we believe the best way to feed functional supplements is to rotate them. So once you run out of this supplement, you can move on to a different one.

By rotating through different natural supplements on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, your pet receives a variety of different health benefits. You can add certain supplements according to the season (i.e., a Spring detox) or rotate throughout the year for well-balanced health.

For symptomatic pets:

While trying to address any health issue with functional supplements, it is good to do a minimum of 6 weeks. This is because authentic herbalists found that the body needs an average of 6 weeks to process the healing response.

Many animals take our functional supplements long-term because they feel so much better when on them.

How Do I Store This Product?

Store in a cool, dark place.


We prioritize the safety of your pet!

We read beyond marketing labels and thoroughly investigate EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT of EVERY product stocked at PAWDEGA.

Shop worry-free, knowing that every PAWDEGA Approved product is truly safe for your pet to consume, lick, touch, and be exposed to.

We've done all the research for you, so you can shop truly natural pet wellness products and enjoy more time with your pet!

Veterinarian Recommended
Zero Synthetics
Zero Fillers

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